From Aichi Prefecture to anywhere in Japan .

Akabou Hiroshima carries your things carefully.

Akabou Hiroshima quick service delivers

Akabou track

Based in Nagoya city, Aichi Pref.

Open all year.
Please call
090-2267-4183 when in a rush.

About moving

It's easy.
Packing is unnecessary.  Leave it to us!
It's affordable.
Discount rates available for small moves!
It's convenient.
We can handle almost any load!


About transportation

We offer quick,regular,and efficient service.
We avoid any unnecessary personnel expenses in order to save you money.
We'll be there for you when you need us!
When in a rush and you need your things moved urgently,
just give us a call and reserve a time!


Since not all of our staff is proficient in English,
it would be greatly appreciated if you could have Japanese
assistance when contacting by phone.

August 1, 2000 HP establishment

2-704, Kaguyama, Nisshin city, Aichi Prefecture, 470-0134
Akabou Hiroshima quick service