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Friction Welding Machines since 1966
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President NAOHIKO SEO Since its foundation in 1966, we, NITTO SEIKI, have been contributing to the industrial and the official world through manufacturing all kinds of Friction Welding Machines.  Through the history which we have been building up, we have always appreciated high evaluation given by customers and have come up with the philosophy that all company-members put all their efforts together to supply Friction Welding Machines with the quality which customers demand.

We are the only specialized manufacturer in Japan that has involved in designing, manufacturing
, engineering, technical assistance and sales of friction welding machine since its foundation. We continue to interact with customers repeatedly and as a company and company-members that are loved widely by a society, from now on as well, we will do our best to contribute to the development of various fields with more and more creative ideas, technologies and passions.

President  NAOHIKO SEO

|Company Information

Name of company



No.72,Oiwake,Haruki,Togo,T.Aichi-Gun, Aichi-Pref, 470-0162 JAPAN
Telephone +81-561-38-5331    Facsimile +81-561-38-5865
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President Naohiko Seo
Capital JPY12,000,000.
Foundation August 4, 1966
Principal business Designing, manufacturing, engineering, technical assistance and sales of the followings;
Friction Welding Machine (Horizontal and Vertical Friction Welding Machine, Friction Surfacing Machine, Friction Stir Welding Machine)
Aluminum Casting Equipment (Gravity Casting Machine, Low Pressure Casting Machine, Gate Cutting Machine, Core Sand Grinder, Pressure Resistance Testing Machine, Melting Furnace)
Automatization and systematization of the above equipment
Affiliated association
Japan Friction Joining Association
Japan Welding Society
The Japan Institute of Light Metals

|Management Policy


3 Promises to customers

(1) We promise to do business with sincerity so that customers can purchase products with sense of security.
(2)  We promise to design and develop with new sense of value so that customers can be impressed with the products.
(3)  We promise to produce goods with reliable quality so that customers can use products with sense of security.

|3C Movements

3C Movements    

|Principal Customers


Kyoto Tool Co., Ltd. (KTC) Komatsu
Kubota Corporation. Nissei Electric Co., Ltd.
Kosei Aluminum Co., Ltd. Nippon Thomson Co., Ltd. (IKO)
Komiyama. Fujico Co., Ltd.
Sanmei Electric Co., Ltd. Vessel Co.,Inc.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Hoshizaki Co., Ltd.
Shimizu Steel Co., Ltd. Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Tokyo Tekko Co., Ltd.
Minebea Co., Ltd. Murata Machinery, Ltd.
Seimitsu Industrial Co., Ltd. Murakami Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
JFE Steel Corporation Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. SMC Corporation
Taiheiyoseiki K.K. Daicel Corporation
Asteer Co., Ltd. Stainless Products Ltd.
The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.
Toa Denko Co., Ltd.
Otech. Co., Ltd. [Research Laboratories]
Fuji Oozx Inc. TOHOKU university
KO-KEN Tool Co., Ltd. NIHON university
DENSO Corporation NAGOYA university
Itoh Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd. OSAKA university
Riken Seiko Co., Ltd. University of HYOGO
Tohatsu Marine Corporation KINKI university
Mitoloy Japan Science and Technology Agency
Hitachi Automotive Systems , Ltd. Industrial Technology Institute of IBARAKI Prefecture
CHIBA Industry Advancement Center
HYOGO Prefectural Institute of Technology
Industrial Technology Center of FUKUI Prefecture
Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology (RIST)
ASAN Friction Welding Co., Ltd. LG Electronics
Jung1 Industrial Co, ltd. DYC Co., Ltd.
Hankook Special Metal Ind. Co., Ltd. Soo Do Metal Industrial Co.
Korea Central Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. Shin Dong Metal Co, Ltd.
Sam Lip Industrial Co, Ltd. Korea Sintered Metal
DCF TREK Co., Ltd. Shin Han Valve Ind. Co., Ltd.
Semyung Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. Heungkuk Metaltech Co., Ltd.
Seoul Engine Bearing Mfg. Co. Samjin Jeonggong Co., Ltd.
Hi Air Korea Co., Ltd. Woosung Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.
Sany Heavy Machine Co., Ltd. Senju Metal (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Kunshan Taiheiyo Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Star Magnet Tech (Danyang) Co., Ltd.
Kunshan Kensetsu Buhin Co., Ltd. HK Tracks (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
Kunshan Kanto-Buhin Manufacturing., Ltd. Nissei Electric (Zhogshan) Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Kedali Industry Co., Ltd. XCMG Xuzhou Crawler Chassis Co., Ltd.
Shenyang Aerospace Xinguang Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine Valves Co., Ltd.
Shijiazhuang Kincon Internal Combustion Engine Parts Group Limited, Valve Branch
Taiwan Hiroichi Co., Ltd Roc-Spicer Ltd. (TAIWAN)
Lucence Precision Machinery & Electrical Co., Ltd. Nankantoa International Co., Ltd.
SHENG-HSIN Machine Industrial Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries-Mahajak Air Conditioners Co., Ltd (MACO).
Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Cold Parts (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Manufacturing Technology, Inc.(MTI)
Thorsen Tool Co.
Usinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais S.A.


1960 1966 Started manufacturing and sales of Friction Welding Machines in Marunouchi, Nagoya-city, Aichi-pref.
1968 Started manufacturing and sales of Aluminum Gravity Casting Equipments
1968 Started manufacturing and sales of Aluminum Low Pressure Casting Equipments
1970 1970 Participated in International Institute of Welding (IIW) in Lausanne, Switzerland
1974 Started manufacturing and sales of Turning Table Casting Systems
1977 Started manufacturing and sales of Both Head Movable Horizontal Friction Welding Machines
1978 Awarded by Japan Friction Joining Association together with Flash Tool Co., Ltd (FPC) for the practical use of friction welding method in manufacture of box wrench
1980 1986 Built factory on the present site in Togo, Aichi-gun, Aichi-pref., and started its operation
1989 Increased capital up to JPY12,000,000.
1990 1995 Awarded by Japan Friction Joining Association together with K.M.G Co., Ltd for the practical use of friction welding method in manufacture of golf club head
1996 Started manufacturing and sales of Aluminum Melting Furnace
1999 Developed Servo Controlled Phase Adjusting Friction Welding Machine
Developed Friction Welding Machine with servo control forge force
2000 2000 Developed High Compression solid recycling process machine
2002 Naoki Seo (founder and present counselor) was given a testimonial by Japan Friction Joining Association
2003 Developed Special Purpose Machine for cylinder inside surface coating and supplied it to Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST) 
2004 Developed Micro Diameter Friction Welding Machine
2006 Developed FPW equipment to fill the hole created after applying FSW method in manufacturing a tank for Japan-made H-IIB rocket and supplied it to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Developed Friction Welding Machine with stopperless structure especially for reinforcing rod anchorage plate
2007 Naohiko Seo was inaugurated as president
2010 2010 Started developing Friction Welding Machine for round bars with major diameter (diameter of the joint: 350mm dia.)
2011 KunShan Ei Nichi Trading Co.,Ltd. established in Kunshan, China

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