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Flash removal device (2-axis NC)

| Flash removal device

Flash removal device (2-axis NC)
This is a servo control flash removal device that cuts and removes outer flash created during friction welding process. Rotate the workpiece right after the pressure welding and drop the cutting bite on to the outer flash, then cut and remove the flash just like “pealing an apple”.
Vertical spindle and horizontal spindle cross slide by servo control, therefore, R-shaped finish or inching cut can be set. This device adjusts to any shape of flash of any workpiece.
Flash removal device 01
Flash removal device 02
Flash removal
Movements can be programmed freely by inputting command.
R-shaped flash removal or flash removal leaving no ring can be set.
Interrupted-removal by inching is also possible.
Video    Video
Video of flash removal leaving
no ring
Video of R-shaped flash removal
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