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Flash Removal Device

Steady Rest

Intermediate Clamp (Steady Rest)

Flash Removal Device This is a device which removes curly shaped flash produced at the time of friction welding. It is 2-axis servo control.

Steady Rest This is a device used after friction welding of lengthy work, and it holds rotational swing in flash removal. Intermediate Clamp (Steady Rest) It is a supporting aid to prevent distortion in friction welding of lengthy work.  By replacing tip-jaw with roller-jaw, it can be used as a steady rest in rotation of flash removal.
Oil Cooler

Immersion Heater

Extension Table

Oil Cooler For a stable operation, temperature management of active oil and spindle lubricant is an important factor.
Energy-saving inverter controlled oil cooler has less change in temperature and controls oil temperature.
Immersion Heater To prevent excess decline in oil temperature in cold area, an immersion heater is installed and reduces initiating time greatly. Extension Table When the material on the fixed side is long, extension table can be attached at the end of the table.
Friction Welding Effect Analog Output-terminal

Auto Supply & Discharge Device

Friction Welding Effect Analog Output-terminal It is a voltage analog output-terminal to collect waveform data of each parameter in friction welding. (BNC terminal)
Data logger is separately needed.
Auto Supply & Discharge Device The best combination suitable for your manufacturing field is suggested such as auto supply and discharge device, and material stock.
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